The connection with EMS vibes and Darci vibes make it an empowering experience. For real.

"Darci’s expertise and experience in EMS training is unparalleled. Her approach to training is tailored for you to push you to your personal best while ensuring that you are safe and she makes it fun.
She has a wealth of experience in the field and I never know what I’m in for so there is zero boredom.
20 minutes feels like 2.

Her approach is tailored to my needs and is designed to help achieve my goals. Darci’s attentive care ensures that i’m getting the most out of those 20 minutes. Her creative approach to EMS training makes it fun ,effective and always different. She is right with you guiding you through your limits with attentive care.

Every time is a fresh exciting inspirational uplifting experience. It hurts so good.

- MB Regan


“For the past 14 years I’ve been working with Darci continuously, and her rigorous fitness program is the best of the best. She knows her craft as a leading fitness expert in Hollywood, and that is why my husband and I call her The Darcinator!” - Salma Hayek, Actress

My Body Coach

What makes you different you’re in depth knowledge and training make you so much better than my previous experience with EMS. Your passion and love for what you is also huge. There’s no way I can call you, just another trainer. I would call you a Body Coach 

-Eden Alpert 

Best Workout for Me

When I went to other EMS studios here I thought I was getting a good workout but when I went to you I realized what I had before was nothing compared to what I feel I am getting from you. You cater to me and push me each time where the studio ones didn’t. I have full trust in you and would never get that same result as when I went to a bigger studio. 

When I did it in Europe it was with a personal trainer but I still feel like the knowledge you have for EMS gives me the trust and satisfaction that I am getting the best workout for me. 

- Molly Rabuchin

Next Level Workouts

Darci rocks as my EMS fitness guru in LA! Her workouts are next level, and she makes sweating it out actually fun. I've never been in better shape, thanks to her energy and killer routines. Darci's the real deal – no boring workouts here, just results and good vibes!

- Garrett Lobaugh 


“Darci is so much more than a trainer, she’s a true healer. She is very present, pays close attention to my body and structure as I’m working out and tailors the exercise accordingly to my body type and physical challenges/ailments I may have. She makes the workouts fun, productive and effective. She is a diamond in the rough and takes pride in her professionalism. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants a serious minded trainer but also wants to enjoy the exercise as well!”- Felisa Israel, Owner of 10 Fold Entertainment

Darci is the answer

"No matter how old or young or what you’re hoping to achieve, whether strength, flexibility, overall health – or just a flat-out good time, Darci is the answer. I simply adore her." - Sally Field, Actress 


“I have been fortunate enough in the last 25 years to be exposed to many of the best trainers in the country and without any doubt Darci is one of them. Darci brings to every session the best version of herself. Physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Working with Darci is a total transformation on every level.” - Lavinia Errico, Co-Founder of Equinox


“Darci has been my trainer for the past three years. She inspires me not to think of myself in terms age, 71, but rather in terms of the possibilities of life, being healthy, strong and energetic. She is always helpful and kind and figuring out new ways to make our workouts interesting. She brings positive energy into my home whenever she comes over. She is undoubtedly the best trainer in Los Angeles.”  -NATHAN GOLDBERG, Founding partner of Allred, Maroko & Goldberg, Los Angeles & New York


"I’ve been working with Darci for over 10 years, she’s knowledgeable about the body and also how to work with it to create results. Darci is so talented at sculpting and shaping all of the body, including abs and booty. She knows how to work with muscle groups, both large and small, to really sculpt and shape in a long lean way. The best testimonial is that my boyfriend loves her work. He calls her the boyfriends trainer and I agree!" - Shannon Kim


"After years of trying every type of exercise and diet, my wife encouraged me to meet Darci. THE Darci!  She has unequivocally helped me successfully gain strength, muscle mass, and core stability, while miraculously working around my bodies life injuries. Couldn’t love or respect her more!"

-Vic Branstetter
Gordon Ramsay North America
Founder Hillstone Restaurant Group


“Darci has been an incredibly important figure in my life. I came to her eight years ago, after I hadn’t worked out in decades. I’d been a professional tennis player, and I’d retired with major injuries 34 years before, plus I had terrible emotional problems. It was quite a surprise to both of us that soon after we met for the first time, I burst out crying. Slowly and carefully, Darci helped me pick up the pieces. When I could barely bend, she said, “We’ll look back at this moment and remember where you began.” When my knee was largely non-responsive, she gently suggested I get an appointment with a surgeon, and voila! I got a partial knee replacement. At every step of the way, Darci has encouraged me, while never, ever pushing beyond what was best for my body or my mind. The upshot is that my life is better, and once again I feel proud of my muscles.” - Julie Heldman