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Everything you need to know about the world’s most advanced, powerful, and time-effective workout.

What is EMS?

Electro-Muscular Stimulation, or EMS, is the stimulation of muscles by passing harmless electrical impulses through them. The impulses are generated by a compact device and then transmitted to the desired muscle groups via carefully located electrodes. By mimicking the signals sent via the central nervous system, EMS impulses cause muscle contraction. This impulse reaches the deepest layers of muscle which are more difficult to activate through conventional training. When combined with exercise, EMS creates up to 40% more force.

This form of training is aimed at increasing our muscle mass in a quick, effective and visible way, whether for sporting or therapeutic reasons or for an aesthetic purpose.

EMS by Darci exclusively uses Wiemspro equipment. Their EMS suits are FDA approved and use the best wireless EMS technology available today. 20 minutes of high-intensity training 2 times a week is all you need to get fit.


With EMS training you can achieve significant results without the risk of injury; while experiencing benefits such as losing weight, gaining muscle, getting toned, treating injuries and eliminating stress.

EMS has been applied for many years within the fields of physiotherapy and competitive sport. The intensity of the training comes from a gentle electrical stimulation, not from heavy loads (such as weights/dumbbells), therefore EMS training does not put additional stress on joints or ligaments.

It has been scientifically proven that EMS training achieves better results than conventional exercise, and the best part is that it saves wasted hours at the gym. One EMS session is equivalent to 2-3 hours of a traditional workout.

Tone & Build Muscles 
Improve Posture
Relieve Joints 


Darci caters to me and pushes me each time where other studios don't. I have full trust in her... the knowledge she has for EMS gives me the trust and satisfaction that I am getting the best work out for me. 

- Molly Rabuchin

The connection with EMS vibes and Darci vibes make it an empowering experience. For real. It hurts so good. Darci has a wealth of experience in the field and I never know what I’m in for so there is zero boredom. 20 minutes feels like 2!

- MB Regan

What makes Darci different is her in depth knowledge and training that makes her so much better than my previous experience with EMS. Her passion and love for what she does is huge. There’s no way I can call you, just another trainer. I would call you a Body Coach.

- Eden Alpert

"I want to encourage people to hone and attune to their bodies and to learn to love, accept, and empower themselves."

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