The force behind EMS by Darci

Darci Fistanic is one of the foremost experts in EMS training in the United States and firmly believes it represents the future of overall health and fitness due to its numerous applications and benefits.  She exclusively uses Wiemspro products in her practice and also happens to be an official sales representative in the US for the company.

Darci is a whole-body fitness expert certified in EMS training, personal training and pilates. Her passion for fitness stems from wanting to help people feel great inside and out. Darci takes a holistic approach, taking the time to understand her clients' bodies and the goals they hope to achieve, allowing her to create a personalized fitness plan. 

With over 20 years of expertise, Darci is one of LA’s most sought-after body coaches. Her knowledge of health and fitness constantly evolves, keeping her clients’ best interest her priority. 

Darci and her workouts have twice been featured in Shape Magazine, as well as Pop Sugar, and Voyage LA. She also has worked with high-profile clients such as Salma Hayek, Sally Field, Michael Keaton, and Owen Wilson, just to name a few.

In 2021 Darci partnered with HI-SEAS, where she produced a series of workout videos to be utilized by astronauts during their Mars simulation. These analog astronauts worked closely with NASA researching the mental and physical conditions associated with long-duration deep space missions in extreme environments. 

"I want to encourage people to get attuned to and hone their bodies and to learn to love, accept, and empower themselves."

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